Ms. Roeck

About Me: Brianna Roeck

Classes I Teach:

8th Grade Math and Science, Co-Teach Math Intervention

Contact me:
(414) 604-3300 x5015

What do you need to know about Ms. Roeck’s class?

Work hard and you will do well!

Favorite Quote:

I call my students "my kids" because in our year together, they aren't just kids on a class list they are a part of my heart.

Favorite Class I Ever Took:


Clubs I Run:


Work History

St. Monica School (4 years) 6-8 grade math and financial literacy Farnsworth Middle School (1 year) 8th grade math and Tier 2 and 3 Math Intervention

School History

Carroll University '12
Concordia University Wisconsin - Currently Enrolled

My Family

Chewie (Chewbacca) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - 2 years old

My Hobbies

Watching TV, Reading, Movies, Hiking, Bonfires, and cuddling my puppy

My Favorite Place to Travel