Mr. Higgins

School Counselor
paw11 years at WMISpaw

Things to know about Mr. Higgins:

What college did he attend and what degree(s) does he have? UW-Oshkosh: Bachelor's degree in Human Services
UW-Madison: Master's degree in Counseling
What is his favorite quote? A quote regarding Socrates:
"The reason he is so wise, is that he knows he is not wise."
What is his favorite book?
I do not have a favorite, but I love to read autobiographies.
What is the best part of West Milwaukee Intermediate School? The culture of the school. It is such a great place to work. A place where a highly qualified staff works so hard with and for our incredible student body.
What are his hobbies or interests outside of school? Family, Friends, Fitness, Hiking, Basketball, Kayaking, Reading