Tier 1

Positive Behaviors Interventions and Supports, commonly known as PBIS, is our universal, school-wide framework for behavior expectations. Our behavior expectations at WMIS are: Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Responsible. These are conveyed in our school-wide matrix posted in every classroom, in our hallways, and in our weekly lessons known as “Cool Tools”. Through the PBIS structure, we believe at West Milwaukee Intermediate School that all students can exhibit appropriate behavior.
Each week, students are taught a weekly lesson (Cool Tools) that models our behavioral expectations. Ask your students what he or she has learned from this week's Cool Tool! By collecting and analyzing data, we have a team of teachers who are able to track which needs we must focus on as a school.
Positive Incentives such as school-wide dances, carnivals, staff vs. student sports games, movies, and more can be earned by meeting school-wide goals! Students can also earn grade level or classroom incentives too. At West Milwaukee, Panther Perks are earned by students for exhibiting our three core values of Be Ready, Respectful and/or Responsible. The sky is the limit on how many Panther Perks a student can earn. Students can utilize Panther Perks for various different weekly and quarterly drawings for some great prizes by dropping them into the Panther Perks ticket box! Many teachers also have a classroom system in place allowing student to redeem Panther Perks for various incentives. With positive behaviors in place, students are able to learn in a safe environment and reach their fullest potential here at WMIS.