Connie Bergmann, Principal

Connie Bergmann


Connie Bergmann

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Connie Bergmann, Principal

Favorite Quote: "I don't want anyone to walk through the world feeling invisible ever again" -Jacqueline Woodson
Favorite Class I Ever Took: A pasta-making class in Italy. I love to eat! So it was so much fun to learn and eat at the same time.

Work History: I began my teaching in Milwaukee Public Schools, at Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning, before moving to the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District and became a teacher at West Milwaukee Intermediate in 2011. After a year of teaching at West Milwaukee, I became the Assistant Principal and worked there for four years, before moving to the Assistant Principal role at Nathan Hale High School for four years.  I am now excited and proud to announce that I now have the honor of coming back to be the Principal at West Milwaukee Intermediate School.
School History: I am a proud graduate of the University of Milwaukee, Go Panthers! I received my Bachelor’s in Science in 2006 and then returned to UW-Milwaukee in  2011 for my Masters in Administrative Leadership and Director of Instruction.
My Family: I have four amazing teenage children--Dean, who will be a senior, Allie, a junior, Jake a sophomore, and Erika, the eighth-grader--who all keeps me very busy. I also have a very supportive husband who helps me balance all of them.  We are a family of six who between us attend four schools. I was born in Pennsylvania, but have lived in Wisconsin for twenty years and now call it home.
My Hobbies: I would say eating, my kids, and travel.
My Favorite Place to Travel:
Anyplace with a beach and great food! I am obsessed with trying new foods, tasting new foods cooking, and baking new things so when I'm not at work I'm someplace near food.